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Arak  is the most potent of the anise spirits and its taste reflects its strength, up to 50% alcohol by volume.

Arak is typically made from grapes, though dates, sugar, plums, figs, and molasses can be used depending on the region where it is made. It is colorless in its pure form, the clear liquid is aniseed-flavored.

Arak of Lebanon is herbal and grassy with anise on the nose and pepper in the body. The softer Kazan Arak is also much fruitier, with on aroma and flavour that speak of anise and whisper of grappa. Arak is best enjoyed diluted, usually mixed in proportions of approximately one third arak and two thirds water in a traditional Eastern Mediterranean water vessel called Abarik, and then the mixture is poured into small, ice-filled cups, ice should never be added first. 

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El Massaya 'Arak' Liqueur 750ML

From the ProducersEL MASSAYA ARAKArak has a beguiling aniseed flavour and freshness that cleans the ..