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Pisco is a grape brandy produced in Chile and Peru. It came about in the 16th century when the conquistadores who had colonized the region began to grow grapes to make wine. The results were then distilled to create pisco. Sip it neat or make a deliciously refreshing Pisco Sour by adding lime juice, sugar syrup, and egg white.

It’s unclear whether Chile or Peru was the birthplace of pisco. Either way, the grape brandy was first made in this part of the world in the 16th century, after settlers planted grapes to make wine, then distilled it to create the spirit.

The Best Pisco is generally acknowledged to come from the Ica Valley in Peru and the Elqui region of Chile. It is best consumed neat or in a Pisco Sour, which includes lime juice, sugar, and egg white. Pisco can also be mixed with cola to make a Piscola.

Styles of Pisco: 

  • Grape
  • Grass
  • Lime

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