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Taylor Fladgate 30 Year Old Tawny Porto 750ML

Taylor Fladgate 30 Year Old Tawny Porto 750ML

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30 Year Old Tawny, 

Taylor’s is one of the few remaining houses to produce a 30 Year Old aged tawny Port. Selected red Ports produced in the eastern areas of the Douro Valley are matured in seasoned oak casks in Taylor’s cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia. Here, the cool and damp coastal climate encourages a slow and gentle ageing process, producing aromas of great complexity and finesse.

Only every two or three years is a reserve of Port with sufficient structure, fruit and power to age is laid aside to age in oak casks. Those that have reached their peak after thirty years are then blended together for balance and finesse, and to ensure consistency of quality and style. The 30 year old tawny is one such wine.

Serving Suggestions

It is an excellent accompaniment to many desserts. It combines well with flavours of figs, almonds and caramel. It is an excellent compliment for a crème brulée or a plate of wild strawberries. It may also be appreciated on its own, at the end of the meal, with walnuts or dried fruit, and can be served cool in the summer.

Tasting Notes

Deep, old gold colour with hints of dried fruit and honey offsetting the rich nutty aromas. Lush, silky richness with an elegant, slightly austere quality which is quite distinctive. Subtle dried fruit flavours underly, exotic layers of caramel and nuts culminating in an endless finish

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