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Satsuma Shiranami Shochu 750ML

Satsuma Shiranami Shochu 750ML

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Satsuma Shiranami is one of the most popular Imo Shochu brands in Japan. Made with 100% carefully select top grade Kogane Sengan sweet potato from South Kagoshima, Satsuma Shiranami has natural sweetness of sweet potato with a full body and aroma.

All natural ingredients. No additives.

Alcohol: 24%, 48 proof

Ingredients: Kogane Sengan (Kagoshima Sweet Potato), Rice Koji

Distillation: Normal Pressure Single Distillation

Koji: Shiro (White) Koji

Serving Suggestion: Enjoy it mixed with water, mixed with hot water, on the rocks, or straight.

Food pairing suggestions: Serve with Sushi, Chicken Teriyaki, Barbecue, etc.

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