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Republic Restoratives - Rodham Rye 750ML

Republic Restoratives - Rodham Rye 750ML

Republic Restoratives is the DC's only female-owned craft distillery.

Rodham Rye is a stout whiskey is a blend of 1 and 3 1/2 year aged Tennessee Rye Whiskey. Cut with Adirondack Mountain spring water to give mellow flavors of soft, spiced vanilla, salted caramel, banana fosters, and smoky maple. 

Finely integrated American white oak is layered upon spicy rye and sweet corn to create this highly unique rye whiskey.  Curated from two esteemed sources, then blended and finished in a proprietary manner, RODHAM RYE is the quintessential slice of Americana.  So much better together than apart, the two rye whiskeys were blended and then finished in a combination of French and American oak, with stunning results.  A two-to-one proportion of rye to corn ensures that the goodness of both is obvious, with a small measure of malted barley to provide sophisticated texture. Pink peppercorn spiciness alongside vanilla bean and kettle corn sweetness are underlain by subtle cinnamon notes to yield an exceedingly complex rye, free from inherent woodiness created by insufficient or excessive maturation. Rodham Rye is a fine dram on its own or perfect in Sazerac, Manhattan or Old Fashioned cocktails.  

Mashbill:  66% Rye, 33% Corn, 1% Malted Barley | Barrels: French and American oak | Proof: 90

Tasting Notes

Aroma: Freshly hewn oak, Vanilla

Palate: Vanilla bean, Cassia Bark, Pink Peppercorn, Kettle Corn and Butterscotch

Color: Rich Amber

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Alcohol Type
Varietal Rye
Producer / Winery Republic Restoratives
Country United States
Region District of Columbia

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