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Lorenzo Inga - 'Grappa di Barolo' 375ML

Lorenzo Inga - 'Grappa di Barolo' 375ML

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The pomace of Nebbiolo are obviously the predominant ones in the distillation of our grappa: this vine among the most famous of Italy finds its ideal soil in the hills around Alba, Barolo and Barbaresco. Aged grappa like that of Amarone in large oak barrels and then aged in barrique. 

Lorenzo Inga is dedicated to producing the finest grappa. Traditional grappa is usually distilled in industrial column stills using the pressings from the winemaker's leftovers stems, seeds, skins and leaves. Lorenzo's method is to purchase the vinacce, the grape skins and pulp from small wineries after only the first pressings being used to make wine. Using these second pressings, presses the grapes and the Lorenzo free-flowing juices retain the grape's aromatics and varietal characteristics. This "must" is then fermented and double distilled in small alambic copper pot stills, like those used for distillation of the finest French cognacs. According to this is the secret to good, varietal grappa. To make sure Lorenzo Inga that it is as fresh as humanly possible, collects thevinacce and distills it within 24 hours of the Lorenzo first pressing, usually within 18 hours.

Tasting Notes

Color: Antique Gold 

Nose: Tannic, intense, with spicy nuances of vanilla 

Taste: Dry, full-bodied, with hints of vanilla and dried figs

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Alcohol Type
Varietal Grappa
Producer / Winery Lorenzo Inga
Country Italy
Region Piedmont

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