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Hakushika - Classic Junmai Ginjo Sake 300ML

Hakushika - Classic Junmai Ginjo Sake 300ML

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Hakushika classic, made with premium Yamadanishiki and Nihonbare rice milled to 60% and the naturally excellent "Miyamizu" water of Nishinomiya (Hyogo Prefecture), is a sake for the connoisseur. With a refined delicacy and smoothness of taste, this sake has hints of fragrant green apple and ripened pear. 

Crafted with meticulous sake brewing skills learned from centuries of experience. Hakushika Classic embodies all of the best aspects of a fine brew.  

Type: Junmai Ginjo

Alc/Vol: 14.8%

Rice Polishing Rate: 60%

Rice Varieties: Yamadanishiki and Nihonbare

Nihonshudo (Sake Meter): +2 (mildly dry)

Serving Temperature: Chilled or at room temperature

Food Pairing:

Excellent for pairing with lightly seasoned poultry, sauteed vegetables and fresh seafood. Also pairs very well with baked or grilled fish seasoned with lemon juice and green salads with vinegar-based dressings.

About Hakushika Classic:

A rare, elegant creature, the white deer, or "hakushika" in Japanese, has in myth represented immortal prosperity. Said to have appeared in the enchanted garden of a highly accomplished and long-reigning emperor in the days of yore, the white deer has been traditionally regarded as a messenger of good fortune and longevity. Hakushika Classic was developed to commemorate the brewery's 350th anniversary.

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