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Elijah Craig Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon 750ML

Elijah Craig Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon 750ML

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The signature Bourbon bearing the name of Rev. Elijah Craig, a Bourbon pioneer who is credited with being the first distiller to age his whiskey in charred oak barrels.

The original Small Batch Bourbon, crafted with care from extra-aged, hand-selected barrels. Today, it’s still made in the tradition of Elijah Craig, the man who gave Kentucky Bourbon its signature flavor and aroma.

Product Story & Flavor Profile

Long before the term Small Batch even existed, our Master Distillers were hand-selecting just the right number of barrels to make Elijah Craig. This expertise and attention to detail give Elijah Craig Small Batch the right balance of rich flavor and full body. Each small batch carries a signature warm spice and subtle smoke flavor. A combination that belongs in any Bourbon fan’s regular rotation.

Proof: 94

Tasting Notes
Color: Burnished copper
Nose: Delightfully complex with notes of vanilla bean, sweet fruit, and fresh mint
Taste: Smooth and warm; pleasantly woody with accents of spice, smoke, and nutmeg
Finish: Long, sweet, and slightly toasty

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Alcohol Type
Varietal Bourbon
Producer / Winery Elijah Craig
Country United States
Region Kentucky

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