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Eastside Distilling 'Burnside Double Barrel' Bourbon 750ML

Eastside Distilling 'Burnside Double Barrel' Bourbon 750ML

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Eastside Distilling in Portland, OR makes a Bourbon and ages it 4 years. The Double Barrel takes that and puts it into a heavily charred 59gal Oregon Oak cask for another 60 days.

Tasting Notes

Color: Copper

Nose: Caramel and Molasses hit your nose heavily. Maple syrup follows. Deep, dark sweetness. Oaky notes hiding amongst the sugar. Hints of red fruit vie for attention as well.

Palate: Pretty decent mouth feel. If you could condense the flavors mentioned in the nose and remove most of the sugar that is what you'll taste here. Definitely not overly sweet. Heavy oak flavors at play with cinnamon. Vanilla and cherry in there as well.

Finish: I think this was the best finish I have had in what feels like forever. Definitely the best I have had in a bourbon (I am not too versed so take with a grain of salt). Long and warm, not too hot for a 48%. Cherry marzipan eases into a sort of spiced-maple-caramel that lingers into an even longer lasting toasty oak.

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