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DC Brau 'Brau Pils' Pilsner 6 Pack Cans

DC Brau 'Brau Pils' Pilsner 6 Pack Cans

From the Producers


We've been having a lot of fun here at the brewery re-creating classic styles and a German Pils was the first style that popped into our heads. We all enjoy drinking hop forward beers but we also enjoy our German Lagers as well. Now that we are able to meet our production demands with our other flagship beers we decided we can have some fun. Brau Pils was our newest summer seasonal alongside El Hefe Speaks, NOW YEAR-ROUND.

Tasting Notes

Brau Pils is a straight forward Pilsner with a light body, moderate carbonation and an assertive yet restrained hop character. Aromas of earthy, spicy noble hops are chased by a rich, cracker-like note backed up with clean, malty notes and a neutral lager yeast profile. This beer is made to help refresh on those hot summer dog days of DC.

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Alcohol Type
Varietal German Pilsener
Producer / Winery DC Brau Brewing Co
Country United States
Region Washington DC

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