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Brooklyn Brewery 'Brooklyn Lager' 6 Pack Bottles

Brooklyn Brewery 'Brooklyn Lager' 6 Pack Bottles


In the late 1800’s Brooklyn was one of the largest brewing centers in the country, home to more than 45 breweries. Lager beer in the “Vienna” style was one of the local favorites. Brooklyn Lager is amber-gold in color and displays a firm malt center supported by a refreshing bitterness and floral hop aroma. Caramel malts show in the finish. The aromatic qualities of the beer are enhanced by “dry-hopping”, the centuries-old practice of steeping the beer with fresh hops as it undergoes a long, cold maturation. The result is a wonderfully flavorful beer, smooth, refreshing and very versatile with food. Dry-hopping is largely a British technique, which we’ve used in a Viennese-style beer to create an American original.

Style: American Amber Lager

Malts: American 2-row, Munich, Crisp

Hops: Ahtanum, Cascade, Saphir, Vanguard, Hallertauer Mittelfrueh

Alcohol by Volume: 5.2% 

Original Gravity: 13° Plato

Food Pairings: Pizza, burgers, roasted chicken, fried fish, Mexican food, history, Manchego, live music, farmhouse cheddar, mild Gruyère, well-earned swagger

Availability: Year-round

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Alcohol Type
Varietal American Amber / Red Lager
Producer / Winery Brooklyn Brewery
Country United States
Region New York

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